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Kenya Airways to launch direct flights to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Бизнес авиация в Африке

Kenya Airways will start a direct flight between Nairobi and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on 18th May 2017.

This will be Kenya Airways 52nd destination and its second city in Zimbabwe after Harare where it operates 21 flights weekly.

The new route between Nairobi and Victoria Falls will operate three times a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The Victoria Falls operation will be linked to Cape Town, South Africa. This will see the airline increase its operations to Cape Town from the current four, which are served via Livingstone, Zambia, to six.

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The flight will depart in Nairobi at 7.20am, arriving in Victoria Falls at 9.30am, departing Victoria Falls 10.20am to arrive in Cape Town at 1.25pm. The return flight will take off from Cape Town International Airport at 2.15pm, arrive Victoria Falls at 5.10pm and depart Victoria Falls at 6 pm and touchdown Nairobi 10 pm.

“This new route highlights our strategy to continue ‘Winning in Africa’ which is driven by opening up the region and ensuring our value proposition meets the demands of our customers,” said Kenya Airways’ Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mbuvi Ngunze.

“We have seen increased demand for Cape Town and had to increase our frequency in December. The route via Victoria Falls offers our guests two leisure holiday options.”

Kenya Airways will be the only carrier offering direct services between Victoria Falls and Cape Town. This offering will see guests enjoying Victoria Falls from the Zambia side via Livingstone and Zimbabwe side via Victoria Falls.  The route will be operated by Embraer E190 with a configuration of 12 business class seats and 84 economy class seats.

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